Future Events


Current Projects


Past Activities

1 11/10/14 Election of Officers Grand Prairie City Hall Gwen Massey
2 11/15/14 Interactive Workshop on  City of Grand Prairie  Amy Sprinkles/GP Library
    Building Unity Through Diversity Central Library Tracy Brown/Speaker
3 12/25/14 Annual Food Bank St. Michael the Archangel GPUC Members/With HACE
4 1/5/15 Website "Up" Announced During Meeting at City Hall Vanessa Singleton
5 2/15/15  Art Contest Reception Uptown Theater Libby Clawson
6 2/19/15 Unity Banquet Ruthie Jackson Center GPUC Members
7 5/12/15 Dialogue on Race & Culture Yes Buffett Gwen Massey
8 5/21/15 Mayor’s Community Table Ruthie Jackson Center Mayor Jensen
9 7/31/15 Burial of Francisco Carrillo DFW National Cemetery GPUC Members
10 9/8/15 Memorial for Victims of Hate Bethel Apostolic Ministries Pastor Nkea/GPUC Members
11   Radiant Light Tutoring Foundation Mtg at GP Airport GPUC Members
12 9/25-8/27/2015 Outreach to 16 Nations Bethel Apostolic Ministries Ayo Fasoro/GPUC Members
13 12/20/15 Mid-Autumn Festival Asian Times Square Ayo Fasoro/Asian Times Sq.
14 2/2/16 Art Contest Judging Veterans Park Event Center Libby Clawson
15 2/11/16 Unity Banquet Ruthie Jackson Center GPUC Members
16 2/23/16 Website Design Contracted Grand Prairie City Hall Wendel Rosales/GPUC Members
17 4/21/16 Square Reader Acquired Mail Alex Edobor
18 5/14/16 Caribbean Party On the Lake Grapevine Wendel Rosales
19 5/19/16 First Home Meeting Residence of Gwen Massey Gwen Massey
20 6/8 -7/6/2016 World Religion Series City of GP Central Library GPUC/Library
21 6/18/16 Juneteenth Parade & Picnic Parade Route/Picnic Venue Chau Nguyen/GPUCMembers
22 9/17/16 First Annual Picnic Friendship Park Lauren Rosales
23 2/23/17 2017 Unity Banquet Ruthie Jackson Center GPUC Members
24 4/12/17 Elections of GPUC Officers Grand Prairie Airport GPUC Members
25 6/27; 7/25; 8/22 Human Library Grand Prairie Library GPUC/GP Central Library
    Gpuc meets with Chair and Pres. f    D. Fregoe, A. Fasoro
26 7/20/17 Grand Prairie Chamber of Commer GP Chamber of Commerce R. Valdez
27 8/10/17 Talk on Domestic Violence GP Municipal Airport GPUC/ Dr. O. Jinadu
28 8/23/17 GPUC joins GP Chamber of Comm.  GP Chamber of Commerce GPUC
29 9/14/17 Mayor’s Community Table Ruthie Jackson Center Mayor Jensen