The mission of the Grand Prairie Unity Coalition is to enhance cultural awareness, to unify, and embrace all Grand Prairie citizens through education and association. 










SECTION 2.1  Powers of Corporation.   The Grand Prairie Unity Coalition (the "Corporation") shall have all the powers and authority granted to non-profit corporations under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act (the "Act"). 




SECTION 2.2    Record.  The Corporation shall keep complete corporate and financial records and minutes of the proceedings of its Board of Directors (the ''Board") and of committees  (if any) of the Board in accordance with applicable law.  Such records and minutes shall be made available for inspection at all reasonable times by any member of the Board. 




SECTION 2.3    Regulations.     The Corporation  by  action  of  the  Board  may promulgate regulations (the "Regulations") governing the Corporation's operation.  The Regulations shall not conflict with, and shall be subject to, these Bylaws and the Corporation's Articles of Incorporation (the "Articles"). 




SECTION 2.4    Staffing Functions.  Staff functions of the Corporation may be performed  by  employees  hired  by  the  Corporation  in  accordance   with  the  Board's resolution approving of the paid position. 










SECTION 3.1  Management of Corporation.  The Board is responsible for the management of the Corporation. 




SECTION 3.2     Number, Appointment, Term. Disqualification, and Removal of Directors.  The Board shall consist of seven (7) Directors, which shall include the four initiating officers as designated in the Articles and three at-large members who shall be appointed by the four initiating officers of the Board.  Subsequent Directors (including Directors filling vacancies and additional  Directors  created  by these  Bylaws)  shall  be   elected  by the membership.  The term of each Director is two years.   Provided that a Director shall continue to serve until his/her successor is elected -and assumes office. 




SECTION  3.3    Meetings of Directors.   (a)  The Board may hold its meetings at any place designated (from time to time) by the Board.   In the absence of any such designation,  meetings  shall  be held at the principal  office of the Corporation.    Regular meetings of the Board shall be held at such times and places as designated by resolution of  the  Board.    A  special  meeting  of the  Board  shall  be held  whenever  called  by the Chairman or the Vice Chairman of the Corporation or by quorum of the Board at the time and  place  specified  by  the  authority  calling  such  special  meeting.    Unless  otherwise indicated  in the notice  of a special  meeting, any matter  that may be acted upon by the Board at a regular meeting may be acted upon at a special meeting. 




(b)  Except as otherwise provided by law, notice to Directors of a regular meeting is not required.   Notice of the time and place of each special meeting  shall be given to each  Director (either  by personal delivery,   email, U.S. mail, telephone  or telecopy)  not later than two hours in advance of such meeting. 




(c)     Attendance  of  a Director  at a meeting  shall constitute  a  waiver  by such Director of any notice of such meeting unless such Director attends the meeting for the express  purpose of objecting  to the transaction  of any business  on the grounds that the meeting  is not lawfully  called or convened.   A waiver of a notice  in writing, signed by any  person  entitled  to  such  notice  (whether  before or  after  the  time  for  giving  such (             notice) shall be deemed to be the equivalent to the giving of such notice. 




SECTION 3.4    Quorum.   Four (4) Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transacting  of the business  of the Corporation.    The act of a majority  of the Directors present  at a meeting  at which  a quorum  is in attendance  shall constitute  the act of the Board except as otherwise required by law or by these Bylaws or the Articles. 




SECTION 3.5   Order of Business.  The Board shall consider the matters before it in such order as the Board may determine. 




SECTION  3.6     Committees.    The  Board  by resolution,  may designate  one or more committees that shall have the authority to act on behalf of the Board in the management  of the Corporation.   Any such management  committee  shall consist of two or more Directors.   Other committees that do not have management authority may be designated  by  resolution  of  the  Board  or  by the  Chairman  of  the  Corporation,  and membership on any such non-management committee need not be limited to  Directors. 




SECTION  3.7 Unanimous  Consent of Directors.   Any action that may be or is required  to  be taken  at  a meeting  of the  Board  may be taken  without  a meeting  if a written consent, setting forth the action to be taken, is signed  by all Directors in office. Such consent shall have the same force and effect as a unanimous vote of the Board and may be stated as such in any document filed with the Secretary of the State under the Act (          or otherwise executed and delivered by (or on behalf of) the Corporation.  Any action that   (        likewise be taken without a meeting if a written consent, setting forth the action to be '    taken, is signed by all of the members of the committee. 




SECTION 3.8    Compensation  of Directors.   Directors are not entitled to receive any compensation for their services as Directors, except for reimbursement of their actual reasonable  expenses  incurred  in their  performance  of their  duties  as approved  by  the Board, 










SECTION  4.1      Office Titles.    The  officers  of  the  Corporation  shall  be  a chairman,  a  vice-chairman,  a secretary  and  a  treasurer,  and  such  other  officers  as  the Board may from time to time appoint.  The same person may hold more than one office, except that the chairman shall not hold the office of secretary. 




SECTION 4.2   Appointment.  Term, Removal, Vacancy of Offices.  Each officer shall be elected by the Directors for a te1m of two years and shall continue to serve until his/her  successor  is appointed  and  assumes  office.   Each  officer  is subject  to removal from office (with or without cause) at any time by the vote of two-thirds majority of the Directors  in office.   A vacancy in any office shall be filled by the same manner  as the original appointment for the unexpired term thereof.




SECTION  4.3             Chairman.      The  chairman  shall  preside  at all meeting  of the Board.  The chairman is the chief executive officer of the Corporation and, subject to the control of the Board shall have general charge and supervision of the management  of the affairs  of the Corporation.    The chairman  shall  cause  all orders  and resolution  of the Board to be put into effect.   The chairman shall sign and execute all legal documents and instruments  in  the name  of the  Corporation  when  authorized  to do  so by the  Board, except when the signing  and execution thereof  is delegated by the Board to some other officer or to an agent of the Corporation. 




SECTION 4.4   Vice-Chairman.   The vice-chairman  shall, in the event of absence or disability of the chairman, discharge  the powers and duties of the chairman, and the vice-chairman  shall perform such additional duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board. 




SECTION 4,5    Secretary.  The secretary shall have charge of the records and correspondence  of the Corporation  under the direction  of the chairman.   The secretary is responsible  for  the giving  of notice  of meetings  of the  Board, and  the secretary  shall attend the Board meetings and shall take and keep minutes of, and record all votes cast at such meetings.  The secretary shall discharge such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the chairman or the Board.  


SECTION 4.6 Treasurer. (a) To the extent not otherwise provided in any resolution  of the Board relating to the  issuance of bonds or other  obligations of the Corporation or to instruments authorized by the Board  to provide security therefore, the treasurer shall have the custody of all the funds and securities of the Corporation and shall  deposit them to the credit  of the Corporation in such  banks  or other depositories as the Board may designate. 




(b)  The treasurer shall  keep  proper  books  of account  and other  records  showing, at all times. the amount  of the funds  and other property  belonging to the Corporation and of all receipts and disbursements of the Corporation.  The treasurer shall, under the direction  of the Board, disburse all money and sign all checks and other instruments drawn   on  or  payable   out  of  the  funds   of  the  Corporation and  shall  also  make  such transfers and other dispositions of the securities of the Corporation as may be ordered  by the Board. 




(c)    The treasurer shall also  discharge such  additional duties  as may be assigned from time to time by the Board.  The treasurer shall give bond only if required  to do so by the Board.   The treasurer shall render  to the chairman and to the Directors  an account  of all  transactions of  the  treasurer  and  of the  financial condition of  the  Corporation upon request.  -




SECTION 4.7   Compensation of Officers. Officers are not entitled  to receive any compensation for  their  services as  officers,   except  for  reimbursement of  their  actual (   reasonable expenses incurred in  their  performance of  their  duties  as  approved by  the Board. 










SECTION 5.1   Members, Types.   The Corporation shall have memberships which will be renewable on an annual  basis.  The Board  shall detennine the types and classes of memberships, the amount  of dues for each type or class, and the number  of votes allotted to each type of membership. In no event shall any type or class  of membership have less than one (1) vote. 




SECTION  5.2   Meetings. There  shall be an annual  meeting  of the membership at a time and place determined by the Board.  No annual  meeting  shall be held more than 13 months  since  the  last  annual  meeting.  Additional meetings of the  membership may  be held at times and places  designated by the Board. 




SECTION  5.3    Election of Directors.  The  membership shall  elect  the Directors of the Corporation at the annual  meeting.  Each  Director  shall  be elected  to office  upon receiving a majority vote  of the  membership present  and  voting  at the annual  meeting. The initial  Board  of Directors  shall  continue to serve  as the Board  of Directors until the first  annual  meeting  of  the  membership which  shall  be  called  by the  Board  within I 3 months   of  the  organizational  meeting   of  the  Board. Additional  Directors may   be i   appointed  by  the initial Board to fill additional  positions on the Board as set out in ( Section 3.2 until the first annual meeting. 










SECTION 6.1   Time for Taking Effect.   The Bylaws shall take effect upon their adoption by the Board. 




SECTION 6.2   Resignation. Any Director or any officer of the Corporation may resign at any time.   A resignation shall be made by written instrument and shall take effect at the time specified therein or if no time is so specified, at the time of its receipt by the chairman  or the secretary of the Corporation.   The acceptance of a resignation is not necessary  to  make  it  effective  unless  expressly  so  provided  in  the  instrument  of resignation. 




SECTION  6.3             Fiscal  Year.    The  fiscal  year of the  Corporation  shall  be the annual period determined by resolution of the Board. 




SECTION 6.4   Seal.  The official seal of the Corporation shall be as determined by the Board.  Such seal shall not be necessary to the proper execution  by the officers of the Corporation of any document or instrument unless otherwise specified by the Board. 




SECTION  6.5 Amendments.   These Bylaws may be amended  at any time, and from time to time, by resolution of the Board. 




SECTION 6.6    Interpretation.   The Bylaws shall be liberally construed to affect the purposes of the Corporation.  If any part of these Bylaws is ruled invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of these Bylaws shall remain in effect to the fullest extent possible  under the application  of such ruling.   References  in these Bylaws to the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa (unless the context otherwise requires). 




SECTION  6.7             Dissolution.   Should  the Board of Directors  determine that this corporation  no longer  serves a useful function,  the Board may, with the consent  of the City Council  of the City of Grand Prairie, dissolve the corporation  by a vote of three quarters  of  all  currently serving  Board  members  at  a specially  called  meeting  of  the Board after not less than ten (10) days notice to all Board members.  Any funds or assets held  by the corporation  shall  not  inure  to the  benefit  of any Board  member  but shall become the property of the City of Grand Prairie to be used as the city deems best.  














The undersigned natural persons, as incorporators  of a non-profit corporation (the "Corporation") under the Texas Non-Profit  Corporation  Act (the "Act"), do hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation for the Corporation: 








The name of the Corporation  is Grand Prairie Unity Coalition. 








The Corporation is a non-profit corporation created under the Act. 








The duration of the Corporation is perpetual. 








The  purpose  of the Corporation  is to enhance  cultural  awareness,  to unify and embrace all Grand Prairie citizens through education and association. 








The Corporation shall have members, but is a non-stock corporation. 








The street address of the initial registered office of the Corporation is 2709 Spartacus,  Grand  Prairie,  Texas  75052, and the name  of the initial  registered  agent  at such address is Richard Fregoe. 








All powers and authority of the Corporation  shall be vested in a board of directors (the "Board''), each member  of which shall be elected in accordance  with the bylaws of the Corporation.   The number of directors and their terms of office shall be fixed by the bylaws of the Corporation consistent with the Act. The directors shall serve without compensation.     








The  number of  directors constituting the initial Board shall  be  seven. The respective names and addresses are as follows: 


I.          Kurt G. Johnson         4303 Stephens Street Grand Prairie, TX 75052 




2.         ChauNguyen              2221 Hardy Road Grand Prairie, TX 75051 




3.         Gwen Massey             3802 Willowood Lane Grand Prairie, TX 75052 




4.         Janie Mendez             1551 NW 19"', #2004 Grand Prairie, TX 75050         




5.         Richard Fregoe          2709 Spartacus Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75052




6.         Gloria Carrillo            4536 Friars Lane, Grand Prairie, Texas, 75052




7.         John J. Lopez              5319 Nueces Lane, Grand Prairie Texas 75052








The name and street address of the incorporator is as follows: 




Richard Fregoe          2709 Spartacus Drive Grand Prairie, TX 75052 




IN WITNESS WHEREOF,  I have executed these Articles of Incorporation on this _____ day of  ___________________________, 2006.    


















































STATE OF TEXAS                   )




COUNTY OF DALLAS             ) 




I, the undersigned, a Notary Public of the State of Texas, do hereby certify that on this _________ day  of  _______________  ,  2006,  personally  appeared before  me  PAUL  C. ISHAM  who, being by me first duly sworn, severally declared that he is the person who signed the foregoing document as incorporator and that the statements therein contained are true. 




IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal the date and year above -written.   








Notary Public in and for the State of Texas 






My Commission Expires:      ______________________________